Marriage. Parenting. Gender. Love.


Life, marriage, and parenting are hectic. Balancing everything is not an easy task, but when your husband becomes your wife, it’s a whole different ball game.

Our Life In Transition is a lively podcast about the lives and experiences of a quirky married couple. Hosts Shannon and Rachel McDill explore the experiences of Shannon’s gender transition, their journey as an LGBT+ family, and all of the changes that life brings.



The Story

Rachel and Shannon McDill met in the summer of 1999. Both were campers at an Episcopal choir camp in Cape May, New Jersey. One evening, Shannon was searching for a friend while on a a nightly outing. Upon finding him in a local ice cream shop, she also met Rachel. They spent the remainder of camp arm in arm. Heartbroken at the end of the week, they then began dating that fall. Though living on opposite sides of the state, they maintained their romance throughout high school and college. After years stuck in a long distance relationship, they finally married in 2006. A decade later they welcomed their adorable daughter into the world.

That same year, Shannon came out as transgender. Having been assigned male at birth, she’d struggled with her gender identity for years and had finally hit a breaking point. Though most would expect this to have been the end of their relationship, their love was stronger. Rachel and Shannon remain together, and, now use their podcast, Our Life In Transition, to share their experiences and educate on the realities of gender transition, marriage, and parenting.